Philanthropy in the Community – 12th March 2012

Photo: Tim Green aka atoach's photostream

2.00pm – 4.30pm, 12th March 2012,

Dragon Hall Trust, Covent Garden, 17 Stukeley Street, London. WC2B 5LT

(Registration and lunch from 1.30pm)

Philanthropy—the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.

With severe cuts to public sector funding, London’s voluntary and community organisations find themselves in a precarious financial position at a time when there is growing demand for their services and support.

At the same time there is a lot of buzz around giving – some new campaigns to encouraage people to donate more money and time alongside specific initiatives to build new resources for London’s VCS.

This seminar provided an opportunity for community organisations to learn about:

  • What are the current philanthropic initiatives and organisations working in London at both local and London wide levels e.g. London Community Foundation, Islington Giving, Local Giving
  • Identify what resources and skills are needed to be able to access funding
  • How to make the best use of these funding opportunities
  • How to build a relationship with funders

Hashtag for the event was #philanthropyseminar

A event organised by London Funders and London Civic Forum

Funded by London Councils

Please find the PowerPoint presentations and the report from the seminar below:
Alison Blackwood – More Big Sqeeze
Jacqueline Broadhead – An new approach to local philanthropy
Local Giving – Local Giving
Sonal Shah & Anna Horsley – Funding Masterclass
London Funders – A reason to give
Seminar Report  -  Philanthropy in the Community Report