The Community Trigger

Photo: Micah Taylors photostream

Home Secretary, Theresa May, delivered a speech on Monday 31st January targeting the ongoing problems with antisocial behaviour across the country. Concerned that residents have an ever declining level of trust in the police force, “a community trigger” has been proposed.  Five pilot schemes will adopt this approach in the summer, tackling antisocial behaviour if it is reported by five separate households. According to Mrs May, local authorities have already been working with the government to test the “community trigger”. However, Shadow Home Office minister, Gloria DePiero felt it sent out the message that antisocial behaviour is only worthy of complaint if reported in greater numbers, thus not taking more isolated incidents seriously.

This information also came with the announcement that there would be changes to police pay, which would be dependent on individuals skill sets. Mrs May said there would be savings of about £150m a year but that the reforms were not occurring for the sole purpose of saving money. This comes at a time when gang crime could be on the rise and police numbers have dropped significantly in the last year.

In other news, from Tuesday a website mapping areas hit by crime and police responses will be available to the public. The aim of this is for data to be more transparent, to make the police more accountable for crime hotspots and “reduce public fear”.

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