Why, who, how, where

The past few months have seen the Mayoral candidates vie for our votes,  telling us how they are going to tackle the challenges facing London – what they are going to do about  health and income inequality,  Londons increasingly expensive transport system, the lack of affordable housing,  crime and even the air that we breathe. The debates have far too frequently been bad tempered and based on the personality of individual candidates rather than their policies but it is worth remembering that the Mayor of London does have the power to make a difference in all these areas so tomorrow it is up to us, the voters, to decide who we think will work towards creating the kind of London we want to live in.

If you havent had an opportunity to read through candidates manifestos you can find links to them here (although be warned some are longer than others). Also worth looking at is London Civic Forum’s camparsion of the candidates proposals with our own manifesto the ‘‘The Londoners’ Plan’

If you want to find out  whether Boris fulfilled his promises from his 2008 Manifesto you can have a look at his progress report or have a look at Full Facts analysis of his progress report here

If you are still unsure who to vote for you can try any (or all) of the following to discover how your priorities match with the candidates
Votematch  http://www.votematch.org.uk/
LSE   http://www2.lse.ac.uk/newsAndMedia/news/archives/2012/04/mayor-for-london-.aspx
The Guardians build a mayor questionnaire http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/interactive/2012/apr/27/london-mayor-candidate-chooser

Just as important as voting for the Mayor is your vote for the London Assembly members – the people whose job it is to hold the Mayor to account – information on the both the constituency member and London wide Assembly candidates can be found here

A recent poll showed that many voters still do not understand how the voting system works so for more information please go to here and if you are curious as to how the votes are counted then try here

And finally if you need to know where your nearest polling station is you can find out here

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